Persistence of Future Memories Opens Feb. 2nd at Elijah Wheat Showroom

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Opening Fri. Feb. 2, 7 - 10PM

Aimee Odum,  Dissolve (In Reverie)

Aimee Odum, Dissolve (In Reverie)

Elijah Wheat Showroom presents an environmental winter show entitled “Persistence of Future Memories.”Displayed will be inventively vibrant paintings of Annie Ewaskio and delicate ceramics with single-channel videos by Aimee Odum. Opening, Friday the 2nd of February from 7pm-10pm.  Together, the works present future landscapes that melt into folk-like narratives of Arctic expeditions and take-overs of a natural world. Remembering conflicting desires from human instincts to conquer the landscape (turning mostly tragic)—either the natural world is destroyed or the destruction becomes that of man.

How insignificant is a surfer against the mammoth waves of Nazare?  What shelter can withstand a volcanic eruption? Where are the personal artifacts left behind a fleeing catastrophe? Where is the temple holding the bodies after the Earth’s last frontier crumbles? Here are works that are on the verge, a looming doom that speaks of an escape to a darker territory and a future that feels nihilistic, juxtaposed to an escape inside a utopian otherworldliness. 

Just as an ‘emotional hangover’ may influence any retained memories in one’s consciousness, so do the shadowy and sprawling works in “Persistence of Future Memories.” Ewaskio’s paintings display a depth of light and forms straddling unfamiliar landscapes, highlighted by bold lines and saturated hues floating like remnants of a memory. Odum’s ceramics mold to a site unseen, giving to a passage that must grow and adapt to its new surroundings. The healthy formation of minds-eye remembrances steer the future, “Persistence of Future Memories” allows hope to bring us to an alternative reality, joyfully allowing our own recollections to connect, adapt and befitted as bold memoirs.

Annie Ewaskio

Annie Ewaskio