Arte Fuse "Satellite Art Show on Unstoppable Trajectory for Miami Art Week 2017"

by Audra Lambert

"A trip down into a quixotic archive of image and text form the core experience at Arts + Leisure at Satellite Art Show. The space showed artist Aimee M. Odum’s Horizon Lines work in a series of videos and photo/text artworks by Jessica Wynne that probed notions of geographic orientation and identity. Glimpses of the natural landscape, de-contextualized and disorienting, created an interwoven body of work across multiple mediums exploring how we relate to immediate spatial concepts. Layering imagery through different interpretations, including analog letters and digital compositions, Odum’s and Jessica’s works demanded visceral consideration and unrelenting attention from the viewer. Arts & Leisure presented two artists with a firm grasp of how imagined pasts and futures can intersect in dizzying, wondrous ways." 

Installation View of  Horizon Lines  (right) and  Embedding  (left), 2017

Installation View of Horizon Lines (right) and Embedding (left), 2017