Iceland's Young Clay History - Visit to Leir 7

I had the opportunity to visit the clay studio "Leir 7" where Ceramic Artist, Sigríður works on creating functional and sculptural objects out of Icelandic clay.  Currently, she is the only known Ceramacist to consistently use clay mined from Iceland.  Located in Stykkisholmur on the Western peninsula of the country, Sigríður has spent extensive time researching clay in her region.  Her approach to Icelandic clay is unique to other types of clay she has used.  She says "what fascinates me about the clay is the natural wildness that it has - a wild nature that doesn't come imported in a 10 - kg box."  Sigríður also says that  rather than forcing her own intentions onto the material the local clay is difficult to work with, pushing her to listen to what it can become.  She also has a fascination with porcelain and integrates the Icelandic clay by using it as a glaze or allowing rocks from the sea to melt on the inside of her cups.